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غرفة طعام على طراز ريترو

Total Products : 46,138 EGP

Products in this Project

  • بوفيه
    Size: W 200 x D 50 x H 75 cm


    1 x
    39,868 EGP
    39,868 EGP
  • كرسي V
    Size: W 48 x D 53 x H 82 cm

    كرسي V

    1 x
    6,270 EGP
    6,270 EGP

Furnishing & decorating a space is exciting but knowing where to start and how to navigate can sometimes seem challenging. We created Efreshli to provide convenient furnishing & decoration services to help create a more accessible journey, all online. Whether you want to be fully involved or need a professional designer to take over, our process is about finding the right mix of products to bring your style to life.

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